Some good things…

It’s been a while since I’ve written on here. Which is a shame because I love the idea of sharing positive thoughts and I’m certain that every day does contain at least one good thing.

I thought I’d use this post, written as we embark on the start of the easter break as a chance to reflect on a few of the good things of the last week or so.

I had the opprtunity to observe a new teacher, I find observing others is something that always gives a positive experience – even when the lesson is terrible  (not that this one was). It allows you to see how someone else does things, reflect on how you might and gives a great chance to discuss the pedagogical approach taken afterwards – and pedagogical discussion is one of the things that I feel helps us improve more than anything else.

My Y12 core maths class have been looking at critical path analysis for the first time, and they’ve loved it and really got to grips with it, which is great as I was worried they’d struggle.

My further maths class have grown into a set of fantastic mathematicians who are really building a resilience in the classroom.


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