Mock Exam

Every year on the Saturday after Prom, we hold a Mock AP Calculus Exam at eight in the morning. And every year, after the exam, my husband grills hotdogs for my students.  And I’m sure my neighbors wonder why dozens of cars fill our street. 

My students are excited about coming over (rightfully so as Brett is THE grill master). They were asking today if they would get to see Jonas. I said that, unfortunately, I was going to have to find someone to watch him for a couple hours because I would be busy monitoring the exam and Brett would be busy preparing to feed eighty exhausted teenagers. 

They were sad but understood. 

Then one girl offered to watch him as the rest of the class celebrated. 

“No, you need to eat, too,” I insisted. 

She thought some more. 

“How about if my mom watches him?!”

I laughed. “No, that’s really ok.”

“No, seriously, Mrs. Peterson, she LOVES babies. She’d be happy to.”

I kept saying that it really wasn’t necessary. She kept insisting. 

I finally let her text her mom, just to ask. 

I don’t know if her mom will end up watching Jonas, but I found the student’s desire to help find a solution just so sweet and loving. 

Other students have insisted on bringing drinks and sides to the celebration. 

I just adore this community that my family stumbled into. They know how to work hard and play hard. They know how to show up for each other. 

They’re just the best. 


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