Math spies 

In precalc today, the kids learned how to encode and decode messages using matrix multiplication. I always tell the kids that the only career I ever considered besides teaching was working for the National Security Agency, as it hires more mathematicians than any other organization. And then we all laugh as we try to picture me as a secret agent and decide I probably never would have made it with the NSA. 

But, maybe one day I’ll convince one of my students to join…

One of my kids came up to show me her work and said, “I am LOVING this. I feel like I’m on some kind of crime show…and I’m in math class!” I love it when my students get as excited about mathematics as I do. It’s the best. 


Two of my three staplers were jammed today. In my frustration, I offered candy to whoever could fix them. Before I knew it, a herd of teenage boys were racing towards the staplers. There was quite a size difference between two of the boys. The larger of the two picked the other kid right up off the ground and carried him back to his desk. 

I probably should have been mad. But it was too funny to scold anyone. 

The things you get to see only if you work with kids. ❤


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