Nerding out

  1. My old grad school roommate, for two years, came to my school to speak to the science research students about her work as an astronomer (on brown dwarfs). It was awesome to see her again, but she was also beyond fabulous and amazing — both with her talk, and how she fielded student questions at the luncheon afterwards!


  2. After school, I met with a multivariable calculus kid about their final project. Somehow I got to talking about stereographic projections (which the student might do their project on), but then after they left, I had to do some research. And that was fun! And I got to send her the following email:

    Hi STU,
    You nerdsniped me! Yay!!! I love learning new things!
    Okay five more things:
    4)  <– my friend made this!
    5)  <– I know, real world applications make me blech also…
    Mr. Shah


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