I’m Killing It

S: “You look like a teenager today.” 

Me: 🙌🏻


Me: “When you just multiplied 19 by 4 in your head, did you work the problem out or do something like 38 plus 38?”

S: “Neither. I did 20 times 4 minus 4.”


While playing a quadratic formula tic-tac-toe game…

“Man, I’m killing it!”

“Ugh, if you wouldn’t have put that o there!”

“Ms. Miller, I’m close to four in a row.”


S: “Do I just set these equal to each other?”

Me: “Why?”

S: “It just feels like the right thing to do.”


I’ve received three out of four big purchases that I requisitioned for next year. I don’t want to take it for granted that I have a school that buys me supplies. I’m feeling grateful and excited- new school supplies! The school year is winding down! Soon it will be time to clean and organize for a new start next year! Warm weather! Weekend! Payday! Hooray!


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