Big picture

Today was hard. We’re on block scheduling; it was the first school day since prom; and the seniors have a severe case of senioritis. Needless to say, my last block (calculus) felt like I was herding cats. A few times I asked myself if this was real life. A few times I convinced myself no one would pass the AP Exam this year. 

It was a day where I needed a big-picture reminder…

A kid told me today that he’d love to be a teacher someday. 

I told my husband that, and he told me I was inspiring a whole new generation of math teachers (he’s an eternal optimist). 

Me, the pessimist, came back saying that I feared not just the lack of money, but more the lack of prestige, would ultimately discourage all except those who are all in. 

Then chimed in the optimist: “Yeah, you’re probably right, but these kids are going to be influential some day, and you’re helping to show them that they need to stand up for teachers.” Or something like that. He said it better. 

The point is–I want to be the kind of teacher that makes my kids consider pursuing my profession. Because we need more people to believe our career is worthy. 

I’ve also been thinking about how I need to be an advocate not only for the teaching profession, but also for mathematics–specifically as a woman in math. 

I mean, it wasn’t that long ago that the president of Harvard–HARVARD–suggested that women in science may have “issues of intrinsic aptitude.” 


Someone told me recently that he had an amazing female calculus teacher, and that was all it took to convince him that women are just as apt as men when it comes to math and science. 

So that’s my big picture for today. I want to promote education. I want to promote STEM. And I want to promote equality for women. 

Today was hard. Tomorrow will hopefully be better. Thanks for always reminding me of the big picture, Brett.  ❤


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