Dance Lessons

At lunch today, I taught my students how to dance.

I chaperoned homecoming in the fall, and it was so painful to watch the arms-around-the-neck-and-waist, shuffle-in-a-circle “dancing”. Plus, it was hard to chaperone. Is his hand there because he doesn’t know how to hold her properly, or because…?  Anyways, someone had to teach them. I ranted about it, so that made it my job.

So, I’ve told them for the last couple of weeks that this was happening. At lunch, we went over to the gym, put on some music, and I taught them how to two-step and swing.

It was so much fun! I loved getting to teach them something that they want to know, that isn’t hard, and that they’ll use regularly! They had a lot of fun, and I so enjoyed being a part of that and hanging out with them.


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