Visit No. 2 of 5

Block scheduling is hard all around, but it’s especially hard with Intermediate Algebra. In calculus, we’re reviewing for the AP Exam and two hours can be kind of nice (if I can keep the kids on track for that long); in PreCalculus, I give two lessons and the kids just accept that fact. But in Intermediate…two hours is loooong. I tried the whole two lessons thing, but that was a mistake with this group. 

I’m learning. 

Anyway, today I told them that we would do a lesson the first part and then…Jonas and my sister were going to come visit the second part! They seemed to be ok with this arrangement. 

When Jonas came, I walked him around the classroom so he could meet all my other babies–the babies I take care of when I’m not with him (he’ll grow up to understand this one day, right?). 

The kids were JUST THE CUTEST. Most were excited to meet him but also clearly had no idea what to do with an infant (there were a couple exceptions, of course). I asked if anyone wanted to hold him, and in about 2.5 seconds, a line was formed. However, I think the longest any kid made it was four seconds. Maybe. 

“Ah! I’m scared!” they would say and pass him right back to me. 

Once, he started crying when a girl was holding him, and after that no one wanted any part in this holding business (no worries–more snuggles for me)!

The kids were taking pictures and sending SnapChats (if you’re a student reading this: yes, we know you do this. We are not blind. And you are not as sky with your mobile device as you have been led to believe). They clearly loved having Jonas visit–even if they preferred the view from a distance. 

I’m hoping that Jonas can come visit each of my classes before the summer. I owe that to them after they put up with a pregnant teacher for over half the year. 

Jonas did great, too. He loves school already! 😉

Thanks, Hannie, for brightening my day so. The kids just loved it. And, of course, I loved it even more. 


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