Study sessions 

One of my top calculus students told me today that she’s holding study sessions every night until the AP Exam (next Thursday). “Can you announce that to your classes? Be sure to give them my number, too.”

I told her to go ahead and write an announcement on the whiteboard so everyone would see it and so I wouldn’t forget. 

Sometimes these kids just stop me in my tracks and I wonder where they came from and who taught them to be so giving. This girl scored a 5 on her mock exam…she’s in no danger of not passing the AP Exam. She is holding these study sessions out of kindness and compassion for others. She understands that her peers learn best from each other and she’s taken it upon herself to ensure that those who want to learn cooperatively have a platform to do so. 

When she told me she was doing this, slight guilt ascended upon me as I thought, I should probably be the one holding these sessions… But then I thought, No, this is exactly the goal of teaching–that eventually our students grow to not need us anymore; they become their own teachers, their own keepers of learning. 
I’m so proud of my kids. I’m proud to be their teacher. I’m proud of all the math they’ve learned. And I’m proud that they’ve gotten to the point where they need each other more than they need me. 


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