We’re in the final days of review in calculus now, as the kids’ test is this Thursday. I’m nervous. I’ll always be nervous. But I’m confident that the students who worked hard and worked ethically all year will do well. 

I heard a boy say today, “When I started this year, I had no clue what a derivative was.”

“And then you studied them for a year!” I piped in. 

“Yeah. I’ve learned so much this year.”

I walked away and savored that moment, knowing that it would be today’s one good thing.

I care what my kids make on Thursday’s test. I care a lot. But I care even more that they know they’ve come a long ways this year. They know they’ve grown. And they’re proud of themselves. 

And in the end–that’s really all I care about: that they are proud and thankful for the people they’ve become. My hope is always that my class–or, rather their class–aids in that growth in one way or another. 


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