Mother’s Day 

During the middle of precalc today, a girl gasped, “Mrs. Peterson! It’s your first Mother’s Day! Happy Mother’s Day!”

“Thank you.” I paused. “Do you want to hear a semi-emotional story?”

I heard several yes’s scattered among the room, reminding me that many ears were listening. 

“A year ago–last Mother’s Day–I was really sad because I still wasn’t pregnant. I didn’t even go to church that day because I knew my heart would not be able to handle the sermon.

“Lo and behold, I was pregnant that day…I just didn’t know yet.”

Then I heard, “Oh my gosh. I’m going to cry.”

I found where the voice came from and I saw a pair of eyes welling. 

I pray every day that my boy will be filled with compassion and that he will feel things deeply. I desperately hope that when he sees pain and injustice, he will mourn and be stirred to action. 

I’m grateful because I feel I teach a very compassionate generation. It gives me hope that teaching Jonas to feel for others may not be all that hard after all, because he’ll be surrounded by others who care deeply. 

I’m so thankful for kids who feel for me, who support me, and who wish me a happy Mother’s Day. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all women–to those who have everything to celebrate and to those who mourn. You’re to be praised for all that you give. I’ve never met a woman who hasn’t given of herself to others. 

So, thank a woman this weekend. 


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