An Ellen Moment

This morning I watched a clip from The Ellen Show that brought me to tears. Ellen was highlighting an elementary teacher in our district who keeps giving of herself for her students. This sweet lady and her husband are currently fostering two brothers from her school so that they would not get separated. She, along with other teachers in her building, are coming up with creative ways to recreate summer school for these kids, even though we’re facing major budget cuts in Oklahoma. You can watch the video here

I decided to show this to my classes, because I wanted to remind them what an amazing district they’re in: that even in the midst of a monetary crisis, our schools fight for their kids, and I want our students to be so proud of us and of their schools. 

So, I showed this to my first hour precalc class. When the video ended, I got ready to give some kind of inspirational speech, but before I could get anything out, one of my students stood up and said, “Well. We have an Ellen moment of our own!” The whole class started cheering. (While I looked utterly confused, I’m sure.) The girl brought me a gift bag and said I could open it. 

The kids had bought summer clothes for Jonas (each of which had something about being a “clever boy” or “mommy’s genius” written on it…lolz) as well as a whole bunch of office supplies (my vice). They had each signed a card, which I read later, because I knew it would make me emotional. 

I wish I could convey my gratitude for these kids…how overwhelmed I am by their kindness. 

I can only hope to raise a kid who will organize “Ellen moments” for his teachers. 


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