To Be a Sock

I’ve gotten to see a few past students this week, which is always a highlight! It’s so fun to hear what they’re up to and how life post-high school is going for them. Today, a student brought me a children’s book that she had written called To Be a Sock. It’s about a sock named Jonas, and it combines some of the best things in life like socks, Christmas, puppets, and cats. It’s a must-read. I can’t wait to read it to the actual Jonas. He’s going to love it–I’m certain. ❤

My precalc kids are taking their Intro to Calculus “Quest” (quiz/test) tomorrow. I’m always curious to see how it goes because it gives me a small window into what next year may look like. 

The kids were reviewing in groups today. I could tell one girl was particularly anxious. As we neared the bell, students packed up to leave, but a young lady stayed behind to help this friend through a problem. Before she left, I heard her say, “Text me tonight with any questions. Seriously. It’ll be a good way for me to study anyway.”

Oy. I just want to bottle up all the moments like that. That pure kindness and goodness…it’s contagious and lovely and perfect. When I witness selflessness like that, I feel like time stops for just a minute, and I taste Heaven. 


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