Shoeboxes, Part II

Many of my calc kids presented their shoebox projects today. Overall, I was super impressed. Here are a few of their beauties:

Related rates: the rate at which an airplane leaves the international airport

The rates at which bees enter and leave a hive

The rate at which balls fly towards a pitcher and the rate at which he returns them

The rates at which bowling balls are thrown and returned

The rate at which coffee fills a Starbucks cup and the rate at which coffee leaks out

The rates at which M&Ms are produced in and shipped out of a factory

The rates at which fans enter and leave Union soccer stadium (a striking resemblance)

Related rates: litter falls out of a box and forms a conical pile

The rates at which shoppers enter and leave a grocery store

Related rates: the dreaded shadow problem! This kid installed a light and a motor, creating a moving shadow…WHAT.

I’m going to miss these kids, their creativity, their humor, and just their sweetness. Two years is a long time to share a classroom…it’s hard to think that others will be here next year. Others will create their own shoeboxes. And at that point, I’ll look back at these pictures and remember this class…

Life moves on. Different kids occupy the same chairs. Different stories to hear. Different lessons to learn. More to understand. 

Still, saying goodbye is the worst part of this job. 


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