NOT senior skip day

Seniors were given Thursday off because it’s field trip day, and we let seniors just not have a field trip that day. They got it in their heads to plan a senior skip day for Friday.

If you know me, you know I don’t buy into the whole “skipping is a rite of passage” and “it’s not a big deal.” To me, it is a big deal, and it shows great disrespect towards the school, and to me personally. I don’t care whether the disrespect was intended or not; it still is disrespectful.

It turned out that the seniors “cancelled” their skip day. I don’t know why. It likely was the threatening email that was sent out, which outlined consequences. It might have been a last minute bout of conscience. But I was happy to see that my multivariable calculus students were in our first period class.

They told me that even before the canceling of skip day happened, they were torn because they didn’t want to miss multivariable — and they were like “you can even see our messages… we were going to come!” I didn’t look, but I liked hearing that!



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