Moving Day

Six years ago today my wife and son moved into a boys’ dorm at our school. My daughter and I followed the next day due to a fiasco with our ‘professional movers’. I was getting ready to start at my fourth school and my 24th year of teaching. It was to be my first year in a boarding community and I had NO IDEA of what I was in for. Being Mr. Doherty for 24 hours a day these past six years has been a treat but it has also been a chore. Today we moved out of the dorm into a house our school owns. so I will still be part of the residential community, but by walking two blocks from my classroom I will be more separated from my day identity than I have been since 2010. I am looking forward to more time with my wife and kiddos, I will miss quite a few pacts of dorm life but I know I will appreciate the extra time and space. But the main reason I am writing this is to talk about my community here. My boss put out a call for help to people on campus to see who might be available to help me move today. Only a couple of people replied but I was confident that I would have five or six guys here to help me today, I rented a 17 foot U-Haul trailer last night to pick up a new bedroom set for my daughter and sat down to eat our traditional pizza and wings Friday dinner. One of my neighbors called and said he saw my truck and offered to come over to help put the bed together. He and his wife came over on a night when their two daughters were each at sleepovers. What should have been a date night was spent assembling a bed with me for my 7year old girl. The same guy showed up at my apartment a little after 9 to start disassembling our refrigerator and my bed. I had asked folks to show up at 10 AM but by that time we had already filled the truck up once. In the next two hours a total of nine friends loaded and unloaded my truck three times. They carried a sofa bed upstairs in our new place, they reassembled my bed and put to shame the ‘professionals’ who moved me six years ago. On a Saturday morning where the temperature was in the neighborhood of 100 degrees, nine fellows – some colleagues, some husbands of colleagues,so who have only known me and my family for two months – busted their chops moving heavy equipment quickly and with great cheer. It is a pretty great feeling, we talk a great deal about community here and days like today  certainly bear witness.



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