For the first time this week, I am sitting down, eating lunch, and it’s not five minutes before class starts. I didn’t have any lunch meetings today, and I’m not scrambling to scarf down food as my after lunch class comes in.

Also, my lunch involves an avocado.


Our school retreat is this weekend. I’m going to chaperone the seniors, and I’m on the senior bus. This morning, I got this email from the parent of a student:

I wish you could have just seen [student]’s reaction when he found out you were on the senior bus. He was very happy and said, “that’s it!  We win!  Thank you for playing!  We win!!” That makes this momma’s heart happy.  Thank you!

I really needed some encouragement this morning, and it’s good to know that even in the midst of a frazzled week, me being there means something to my students.


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