Day 2

Day 2 is in the books, and I’m happy to report that my legs do not ache nearly as much today and I’m not as exhausted as I was yesterday (which truly is amazing as I forgot to take my thyroid medicine this morning…). 

Strides are being made towards learning those 152 names and faces and stories and personalities. 

(Other things are not going quite as planned. Like the fact that I still haven’t set up my gradebook. I know. I know. It’s shameful. It’s getting done tonight, I swear.)

Today I gave a presentation on counseling offices and transcripts that the counselors took the time to prepare. Once we were done, my calc kids worked on limits collaboratively to see what all they remembered from precalc. And in Intermediate, I brought out folders and markers and stickers and had the kids decorate their folders for the year. 

Yes, some kids think “decorating” means putting their name on the folder. And that’s ok. 

But some kids just ate it up. And it was truly the cutest to watch as they asked each other where to find the sparkly star stickers or to pass the brown Sharpie, please. 

As one kid picked out his folder (green), he gave me a quick bow along with, “Thank you for this, Miss.”


I wanted to be like, “Have all the folders, kid! Have all the folders you want!”

Another girl was straightening all the stickers towards the end of class. 

“Thanks for doing that, A.”

“Oh, thank YOU for providing all this stuff for us!”

You mean the stickers that have been sitting in a pile on a shelf for years?

Sometimes we bust our butts for these kids and we don’t know if it made any difference. And then sometimes we give them ten cent folders and some stickers and they are so grateful. I live for those moments of gratitude. The moments where my kids realize that their teachers are pouring into them and loving on them just because. Because they’re “our kids.” And we hope that when we love on kids and help them in math and English and science and history and art and music and all the things…that they realize they’re worth it. And that they have a responsibility to pass on that kindness. ❤


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