Up and Up

Today was so much better than yesterday. My ELL student made eye contact with me (and I think even nodded her understanding once); the principal of the young lady that’s suspended until January came and talked details of what’s expected of me, which eased my worries; my two Intermediate babies worked all hour (sometimes we need a fresh day, I think); and my massive calculus classes are still massive but seem so excited to learn some calculus. 

After school was out and the baby asleep, Brett and I headed downtown to hear Coldplay. 

Yes, you read that right. COLD FREAKING PLAY. 

They were breathtaking, as expected. 

Many of their songs moved me to tears, but “Up and Up” was especially moving…particularly these lines:

See a pearl form, a diamond in the rough

See a bird soaring high above the flood

It’s in your blood, It’s in your blood

Yes I wanna grow, yes I want to feel

Yes I wanna know, show me how to

Heal it up, heal it up

We’re gonna get it, get it together

I know we’re gonna get it, get it together somehow

We’re gonna get it, get it together and flower

Fixing up a car to drive in it again

When you’re in pain, when you think you’ve had enough

Don’t ever give up

Don’t ever give up
Believe in love

*Drops mic*

Thank you, Chris and friends. You all are poets and prophets. We’re gonna get it together and flower. ❤


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