No phones, please

I have two very different cell phone policies because I teach two very different types of classes. In calc, my policy is absolutely no phones (unless there’s an emergency or unless we’re doing an activity with them). No pictures, no music, nothing. The consequence is lunch detention. 

Today I reminded my kids of this rule. I told them (somewhat) jokingly that I just got a fresh new stack of d-hall slips and have already filled them out for the correct lunch with my signature on them. 

“Did you just have a really bad experience with phones, or something?” More than one kid asked this. 

I welcomed the chance to explain, telling them that since I reward them for doing homework instead of punishing them for not doing it–in essence making homework optional–I feel like requiring them to focus on calculus for sixty mintues a day, five days a week, is really quite reasonable. 

The class gave a resounding “Ohhhh” with many additional, “Yeah, that’s a fair point.”

Then the best thing ever: one girl remarked under her breath, “She literally gives us EVERY possible chance to succeed…”

Hurrah! Yes yes yes–I’ve at least got one kid that knows already: we teachers are on your side, babies. 


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