Today in Algebra I we played a review game on multi-step equations where you throw a bean bag at the SMART board to select a point value. Each team that gets the correct answer wins the points.

First of all, they worked together so well that at the end of class every team was tied with the exact same amount of points- every group got every problem right!

The highest point value was 1000 and so it was the tiniest circle and hardest to hit. A girl from the last group came to throw and when she hit 1000, the whole class shouted “Yes!”

One boy actually giggled. More than once. He said “This is so fun! Why don’t we always get to play games like this?” I said, “We will!” He said, “No I mean like our whole lives!”

Just wait until we play pong for the first time!

After several correct problems in a row, one student said “These are too easy. Give us something challenging.”
I don’t know who these kids are but I love freshman!

A student that failed my class then dropped out the next year and now returned to my class for a third time has already been absent from class five times in three weeks. We were having a quiz today that I knew he hadn’t learned so I asked him if he wanted me to teach him. Fully expecting him to say no, I hid my surprise when he said yes. We went to the back table and worked together. He asked to go ahead and take the quiz after four examples. Within two minutes he returned it- “I thought I could do this but I can’t.” I said, “Why don’t you practice some more on your worksheet?” 

And he did. He asked questions. He checked his answers.

And the Lord smiled. 



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