Fly By

I’ve noticed that since I’ve been doing a better job of asking students to notice things and look for similarities and differences before I actually start teaching that the level of questioning from students has increased.

A student stayed after class today to thank me for his birthday candy and letting him sit in the birthday chair. So sweet!

In a class of 15 students, at least 10 of them decided to retake their quiz today. I never have that many retakes and I loved that they felt they could do better.

I introduced the distance formula today with taxicab math and the Pythagorean Theorem and I felt like it flowed really well.

I used this short Desmos activity to introduce graphing absolute value so today the lesson and practice seemed to flow smoothly and connect well.

Also, we used Desmos to graph equivalent expressions and decide whether equations had infinite or no solution. I thought I did a good job of teaching conceptually which is not a strength of mine.

I swear the days are just flying past!




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