Work It Wednesday

  • Worked on another good problem today:


  • One student literally shouted Yes! and double fist pumped when she got the answer. So cute.
  • Yesterday my trig students asked for homework so they could practice for their quiz today- and it showed.
  • Sixth hour was teasing me about fixing my hair in the mirror and I said “Well I have to because you wouldn’t tell me if I looked bad!” Student responds with “That’s because you never look bad!” I ❤ a good one liner.
  • Taught midpoint today as conceptually as I could, without ever mentioning the formula, and heard lots of positive comments :”This is easy.” “I like doing this.”
  • I did a good job of questioning students while graphing absolute value equations that helped them make connections for function transformations and how they affect the graphs. Yay for better questioning!




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