My calc kids had their first test today. This group seems like the most laid back group I’ve had so far. So much so that over Labor Day weekend I thought I’d better write these kiddos a study guide. And take it up for a grade.

Well today they kicked butt. The median in all three classes was in the 90’s; one class’s median was a NINTEY-SIX.


This was their first calculus test ever. Holy moly…

Also good news: only three calc kids were gone today, which means I graded 101 tests but only stayed about an hour after school got out (which is my personal goal this year so I can be with my baby boy). 


As I was checking the work of one of my Intermediate kids, she said (out of the blue), “You’re a really good teacher. I thought you should know.”

Excuse me…there’s something in my eye…


As the wonderful Rita Pierson said, “Kids don’t learn from people they don’t like.” So when kids say they like us teachers, our hearts soar because, yeah ok it’s flattering, but we also know we can now guide their hearts and minds to new heights. And that’s ultimately why all of us do what we do. 


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