Cherry Sours

  • Today my trig class students were singing the praises of cherry sours. I’d never heard of them until I googled them-when I saw that even Great Value makes them, I knew I was behind the times. One student smuggled some inside her notebook {food/candy/mints of any kind are not allowed at school} into my room just so I could try some. I think I’ll be purchasing some this weekend…and I don’t even like cherry.
  • It was picture day today and some of the seniors wore dresses and one guy wore a suit! It was preeeeeesh.
  • One thing that slows my pacing down is feeling like I need to finish every activity completely. Today I asked the students how much time they needed to take their quiz. Then I wrote on the board what time the quiz would start and told them we would be using the activity to practice up until that time. I haven’t graded the quizzes yet but no one complained and I felt like it helped focus their practice time.
  • One girl said “Ms. Miller matches every day of her life! Do you match EVERYTHING?” When I told her I even match my underwear to my outfits she was speechless. 😂
  • I have chevron contact paper on top of my carts and a student asked me if I bought the carts like that. I told her I added the paper myself and she asked, “So is this what your house looks like?” Pretty much.
  • I asked my principal if I could spend $30 on compasses and next thing I know we are looking at expensive drafting compasses that he told me I should order for next year. You don’t have to tell me twice!

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