No PDA In My Hallway

This year we’ve been asked to stand outside our doors during passing periods, simply to be a presence in the hallways. Even though the first week of doing this was exhausting for my introverted self, now that I know my kiddos’ names, it’s actually really nice greeting them at the door: I know I’m guaranteed that interaction with them (as long as they’re on time). It’s also been really nice to talk to the teachers beside me throughout the day. 

The teacher right next door to me is huge on no PDA, which makes me just so happy because I don’t like it either, but I  don’t have the sense of humor she does to get kids to stop. Although I am learning from her, so maybe by the end of the year I’ll be as obtrusive as she is. #goals. 

Today some kids were just a little too close to each other for our comfort. We both saw it and started clamoring obnoxiously for them to stop, clapping and yelling and being our embarrassing selves. The girl turned around and said, “Oh yeah. No making out in front of math teachers. They catch you EVERY TIME!”


Happy Friday, everyone! 

Go Redskins! Beat Jenks! 🙌🏼


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