Two good things!

Yesterday was my first day back to school. It was actually a good day. But I was too exhausted to post here (I wrote my first personal blogpost in a while though!).

Today I had a few good things happen. But I want to highlight two:

  1. I had two individual 10 minute conferences with my advisees. In my blogpost linked above, I outlined the plan for this meeting. Kids were going to come in and talk to me about what’s meaningful to them. For eight minutes. Without me interrupting or responding verbally. They were incredible. These kids were totally self-aware and so layered. And the fact that they were willing to open up to me, at our first meeting, just because I gave the space and a bit of a push, was amazing. It was awesome. I found out so much about what makes them tick. It was a new and different experience for me as a teacher, and I enjoyed it immensely.
  2. I gave a question to my kids in the first multivariable calculus class. One kid didn’t quite “get” the problem initially. I couldn’t quite read their expression about this, or the class. But a number of hours later, I was on a train (I’m visiting my parents in NJ now) and I open my school email and see a picture of her holding up a paper with her answer on it, sporting a huge grin. That made me feel awesome. That she would email me with such excitement!

Now it’s almost midnight and I need to zzz.



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