So it’s 8:34pm and I’m still at school. And I haven’t stopped working. And right when I was about to leave, I realized I never said my one good thing.

It happened second period… It was my second class with these kids. In the first class, everyone was dying from the heat, and I didn’t know what they had retained. On that first day, one of the things I asked them to do when they entered class was to rearrange the desks. When I entered the room, almost all the desks were rearranged the way we needed them. I don’t know why, but the fact that everyone was helping, that this had been done instead of milling about, that they started this without me even being there, was awesome. In every one of my other classes that I’ve taught, I had to “train” them to come in and rearrange the desks because usually until I showed up, they would just chat. I don’t know — it just really made me happy.

Some other good things? Let me think…

Our department head made us all blondies to eat (yum).

In both of my standard precalculus classes, we had a long discussion of the broken circles activity we did on the first day, and on positive groupwork. And collectively they came up with some killer thoughts.

In both of my standard precalculus classes, kids didn’t have a lot of time to work on problems, but they were coming up with interesting and varied representations for each problem (we’re starting combinatorics). That was cool to see.

One kid addressed me in an email as Math Admiral Shah. (I told kids they can’t email me with “hey” so they have to come up with something better.) I liked that.

Okay it’s now late. I need to jet and get some zzzs!

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