Check ins

I do my best to check in with every kid every day to see how s/he is doing. This is easier to do in Intermediate than in Calculus as my lectures are much shorter and class sizes are smaller. Often, I can check in with each of my Intermediate kids several times throughout the hour. 

As I was walking around the classroom today and asking the kids how things were going, one of the students on the other side of the classroom asked (while still meticulously working on solving her equations), “And how are you doing today, Mrs. Peterson? You ask us how we’re doing every day, but we never check in on you.”


Guys. Why does this question hit me in the heart every single time?? Like it seriously makes me want to cry. Every time. 

I love this job because it lets me be a momma hen all day long, which I’ve come to realize is my niche. 

But, as soon as the roles are reversed, as soon as they start to take care of me, I realize–again–that I need these kids much more than they need me. 


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