Mathematically Correct Shortcut

  • In Algebra II, we use tables to graph absolute value equations. After learning about transformations, one student asked if he could graph using the slope instead of making a table. Sure! I would love for you to develop your own mathematically correct shortcut!
  • Today we had a hard brain teaser for Work It Wednesday. Most students spend time complaining, tearing apart the scenario, or making up ways to get out of it. Buttttt two students actually figured out a real solution!
  • A student asked for index cards so she can make flash cards for our quiz tomorrow. ❤
  • In Geometry, we are learning about angle relationships. I’ve been going really slowly, having students highlight angles, and heavily emphasizing vocab and definitions. They really impressed me today with their thinking and problem solving. I did a really good job of asking students to compare each problem to a previous problem and explain what is different.

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