a great kind of tricky

“I really like question 11 because it was tricky but a great kind of tricky and I’m happy i understood it.”

A student wrote that about a question we were working on, in a feedback. A student who said “a great kind of tricky”?!?! How lucky am I to have a kid who thinks that when math is a puzzle that is unlocked, it’s a “great kind of tricky” and not a “gotcha you’re so stupid for not thinking of this tricky”? So awesome.


I went out for lunch with a colleague — we had lunch and some of the next period open, so we went to a Thai restaurant and caught up, and felt totally civilized. Plus the walk to the restaurant and back was pure bliss because the weather outside is ah-maaaah-zing.


An art teacher emailed me today to see if I would come by to get my portrait drawn for a quick drawing free flowing exercise the kids do in his class. (He has a bunch of faculty volunteer.) I did it last year and it was so awesome, and I was in a zen place. I think while sitting still for 10 minutes, I might have started drooling! 🙂


My multivariable class today went slower than I expected, but kids were doing some good thinking. I introduced the idea of “degrees of freedom” and from that they understood a whole bunch of stuff about what graphs of equations might look like. They also were doing awesome thinking about a set of conceptual questions I posed to them.


My first precalculus class also had such great thinking. Kids were asking awesome questions to their classmates. I am totally loving it. The second precalculus class was going fairly well too — except the problem is that we had a fire alarm and lost the last 25 minutes, which meant that all their conversations around their nightly work wasn’t able to happen. However some kids when they returned really wanted to know if they got the right answers because they were invested in the work they put in (they were basic combinatorics problems, so like puzzles). And that made me so happy.




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