Apology and Popcorn

Were your kids crazy today? Is there a full moon tonight? My kids were nuts. Just nuts. Seven years teaching and today I can add new incidents (plural) to my repertoire of things I’ve witnessed. I laughed so hard today (more because of absurdity than hilarity); I made a kid cry (or my test did, at least); and I yelled–physically yelled–at kids. Anyone who knows me knows I’m not a yeller. But desperate times call for desperate measures, my friends. 

My calc kids were not immune to the crazy today, oh no. I was teaching a lesson–one of the easiest, shortest lessons of the year–that they also saw last year in precalc…and they were FLIPPING out on me. Inside I was like, “OMG, children, this is so NOT a big deal if you’ll pay attention to what I’m saying.” Outside I was like, “Ok, let’s just work your homework together until you feel comfortable.”

So that’s what we did. 

Once we had done a few problems together (which took all of thirty seconds each), one girl said, “Mrs. Peterson? I’d like to apologize collectively for the class for blowing this way out of proportion.”

Bless you, child. BLESS YOU. 


Someone delivered a “popcorn gram” (his words, not mine) to me today. I read the message and said, “It’s from Brett!”

Kids awwwwed. One boy said, “I wish I had a Brett.”

“I wish everyone had a Brett. He’s the actual best.”

I didn’t mean it to be sappy: I really do just wish everyone had a partner like I do to do life’s good and hard and in between with. 

But the class lost it. One girl started drying fake tears from her eyes. I heard another kid say, “Hashtag: goals.”

They crack me up. Even on crazy days, they find ways to make me laugh and make me love their crazy. 

Also, tomorrow’s Friday. In case anyone out there forgot. Here’s to a less eventful day tomorrow!  🙏🏼


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