• My most difficult student actually let me teach him one-on-one today and put a lot of effort into a quiz. He worked until the bell and asked if he could finish tomorrow. Success.
  • A student that missed a week of school due to pneumonia came in on my plan period to get caught up. As she left she said ‘Thank you’ and I just thought it was nice to be thanked for doing my job.
  • While doing constructions in Geometry, I was working with a student and several others had their hands up. One student got up and just started helping others since I couldn’t get to everyone. โค
  • One of my freshman girls stopped in the hallway today to say, “Ms. Miller, you always look pretty.” It usually takes until at least the end of their sophomore year for them to realize I am a person, let alone give me compliments. =)
  • Yesterday the students had SO much to tell me about their weekends. We spent almost 15 minutes in each period talking. While it may have been a ploy to do less math, I’m hoping it’s time invested that will payoff in the future.
  • Kind I just say that it’s September and I’m still having the best year?

I’ll keep you posted. =)


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