Caring Cards

I’m out of school for the rest of the week due to a medical procedure. On my last day at school, one of my students got a card and got as many of my students as she could find to sign it. She gave it to me at the very end of the day with a little gift bag full of small things.

Another student and I were talking about a computer science test. I told him that it’d be the online test so that it would be graded automatically – they don’t want me grading while on pain meds! He replied, “Well, yeah, but I just don’t want you to have to grade when you don’t feel good.”

Several of my students are children of administrators. I told all my students why I’d be out, but I didn’t mention it to most of my colleagues. I’ve gotten several emails from administrators saying, “My child told me you’re out for surgery – I’m so sorry I didn’t know! Praying for you!”

These kids continually touch my heart with their thoughtfulness and kindness. They care.


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