• Today was one of those days where I felt like the students and I just jelled. In every class it just seemed like we were all in a good mood and getting along and making jokes and telling stories. That’s a good feeling at the end of September.
  • A student said called me a name today {I can’t even remember what it was so it couldn’t have been too disrespectful} so of course I made him say two nice things. He looked shocked at first then quickly said “You’re a pretty good teacher and you’re funny.”
  • Today was Number Talks Thursday and I alternate between number talks and dot talks. When I walked into class, I already heard students sharing their strategies with each other. Then one student said, “I bet I know how you counted them Ms. Miller. I bet you added two dots so there would be three groups of four.” When we do number talks my strategy is always to build up to a 10 so he was using that idea to predict my thinking for the dot talk. He was wrong but it was good thinking.
  • One of my seniors said, “I told my mom how you get all of us something for our birthday and she couldn’t believe it and now she wants to get you something for your birthday.” I never turn down gifts! 🙂
  • Seniors also brought up the certificates and two nice things gifts I give to every student at the end of the year and one student said, “Honestly it’s the only award I even care about.”
  • My trig students have already asked for worksheets to take home and practice three times this year…and we just actually started doing trig topics.
  • Yesterday we struggled through some compass constructions in Geometry. I was talking wayyyyyyy too much and then getting frustrated at the students who weren’t keeping up. Today my mood was much better and I felt like I answered the students questions better and with more patience. They seemed to catch on faster as well. Hmm….connection?

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