A Donut!

  1. On my morning commute, I saw a former colleague at the subway and we chatted as we rode the subway together. It was a lovely way to start the day!
  2. One of my students in 1st period class made vegan sugar cinnamon donuts (she’s a huge baker), and gave me one. It was soooooo good!
  3. We had our first “math team” match, and 22 students showed up!!! It was awesome!
  4. One of my students was having trouble with combinations/permutations/counting principle problems, so he came to see me, and I loved our meeting. We resolved misconceptions. It was short but sweet!
  5. One of the Oakes twins — one of the artists we have in the math art show I’ve been organized — came to the school to install his pieces. And we got to talk and geek out a bit about math, so I was thrilled to meet him. We got some amazing pieces from them!
  6. One of my precalculus kids asked me if I was free to watch the varsity soccer team play a game against a rival school. I worked super hard during my freetime today so that I could make this happen. So at 4:10 I left with Maria to go see the game. It is held at the absolute coolest soccer field in the world — with a view of the Manhattan skyline and Brooklyn Bridge.And Kristin even came too! And I stayed until 6:30. And WE WON!!! And the student who asked me scored a few goals! He was a rockstar!
  7. I got this tweet from Sara, and I died! SO COOL!

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