There Were Donuts

  • Today at lunch there were donuts and I had a jelly filled one that was delish. I wasn’t too excited about my lunch but God always provides.
  • It was one of my students’ birthdays today and as per usual I gave her her favorite candy and she got to sit in the birthday chair. “You know, you’re one of the nicest teachers.” Thanks for noticing kid! My response, “Remember that next time you get mad at me for making you do work.”
  • I’m teaching trig identities for the first time tomorrow so I spent time today working out problems, also for the first time. I only had to ask for help on two problems which was definitely a good thing.
  • I finished grading and copying and everything I needed to do by 4:00 today. I’m also already planned for the whole week. Miracles still happen people.
  • A student who has been majorly slacking and then coming in on my plan for extra help fully completed a quiz today and did well….the last three quizzes went unfinished or half done so this was a major accomplishment. If only I had plan time and extra help time…
  • I brought nothing home tonight so I could take a nap, play on the Internet, read, and go to bed early!

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