Hell Day

Today… was a hell day. I had first period free, but here is the rest of my day:

class, advising conferences, class, class, go to doctor’s office, class, meeting until 5, math art show opening from 5:30.Literally no free time today. It was

Literally no free time today. And guess what happened in my first class, when my kids were taking their first test, and who were freaked out? A fire drill in the last 15 minutes. How does one even deal with that? And then during lunch I had to quickly get my kids who were finishing up the test in study hall set up, before running to the doctor’s… and then I ran back and guess what? At lunch a spilled a giant glass of water everywhere. And then the meeting after school turned out to not be useful for me. And I didn’t love my teaching today.

So I needed — at least up to this point — to dig deep for the good in the day.

(1) In multivariable calculus, I put on 90s music while kids were working and they were totally digging it and singing along.

(2) I don’t have TB. (I went to the doctor’s office so they could check on that. It’s part of our physical form we have for school.)

(3) A pack of erasable markers that I ordered but had to come from amazon Japan arrived

(4) A kid who I helped prepare for his first calculus test last week came excitedly into the math office to tell me that he got a solid A. He wanted to start the year off on a solid footing — especially because of some special circumstances that hindered his year last year — and I love that he gained some of that confidence that he used to have back!

But the real one good thing from today will go on a second post. I think in all my years of blogging on this blog, I haven’t written two “one good thing” posts for one day. So you know this is huge.


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