Why we do what we do

We had a career fair today at school to which teachers could opt to take their classes. We took our Intermediate kids. On our walk over, my co-teacher stopped one of her students who was wearing a cast/boot on her foot. “You don’t need to go today,” she told her student. I was sure the student would take the opportunity to bow out. Who wants to be in a tight space with lots of people when you’re wearing a cast?

The girl contemplated the offer, looked at my co-teacher, and finally decided, “But Ms. Buhler. My man up there!”

Oh lordy. I didn’t even pretend to hide it. I laughed so hard. 

And this kind of humor is the sort of thing you only get to witness if you’re around a multitude of teenagers every day. It’s these moments we live for as teachers. 


We had a surprise visit today from several principals and counselors in fifth hour. One of our principals came in bearing a bouquet of flowers and asked if he could interrupt for a moment. He said that one of the students in our class was recently recognized as a National Merit Commended Scholar. We cheered and took pictures and congratulated her. 

I love that I work at a school that celebrates such high academic achievement by bringing flowers in the middle of class. It’s moments like this, too, that we live for as teachers. 


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