Trig Identities

  • I taught simplifying trig Identities for the first time ever in my life today and I think it went decent! When it came time to practice, I sat down at a desk by the students and worked each one out. We all got a lot of satisfaction when we got one right. This problem was left on the board at the end of class:
  • One guy went and got his girlfriend to show her ‘the kind of work we do in Algebra 3’.
  • One girl said she wanted to post it online and show people what we’re learning.
  • We had our first Student Council meeting today after school with the smallest group ever- 13. But all 13 were present. We shared a ton of ideas and made a tentative plan for the year. Everyone was really excited and we wrote down a lot of cute stuff. I’m excited!
  • This is the third day in a row that I have brought NOTHING home to work on.

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