Parent Night

1. Parent night is exhausting. But one moment made it bearable. I was doing my talk in one of my classes, and a mother surreptitiously took a photo of me and texted it to her son — who I taught a number of years ago, who is now in college. (I teach her other child now.) She showed me his paragraph text response, which was the sweetest thing ever. It basically said that at Yale, the student had yet to find a professor as enthusiastic about their subject matter as I was (and to say hi to me). It was so awesome.

2. Before parent night, I got to go to dinner with colleagues, and it was nice to have the time to socialize with people not in my department (I crashed a bunch of humanities teachers’ dinner)!

3. After parent night, I went to grab a drink with colleagues — some from my department, and some from the science department. I loved the conversation and camaraderie.

4. I had a light teaching day, which meant I got a lot of other stuff done. I avoiding grading a stack of tests, but I did turn a lesson plan idea into a neat lesson. Which necessitated me coming up with a neat way to think about the binomial expansion.

5. The art club worked with me and put up an interactive cellular automata board in our school, for people to fill in!



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