Opportunity to Say Thanks

I blogged a little while ago (over at my virtual home – mrdardy.mtbos.org ) about taking the time to send a thank you note to a former teacher. My high school math teacher from junior year was also the department chair at my high school. As a senior, I had a free block and I was a department assistant, so I helped her out with some things like math club organizing and HW checking. She left my high school years ago to work for a community organization and a local newspaper article about her retirement was sent my way by a former classmate. I reached out to that organization to get her email and they told me she was on a long trip with her husband. I wrote to her to thank her – VERY belatedly – for her influence on me and to tell her that she is one of my role models. Last week I received a super kind note from her thanking me for writing. It made me pretty happy to hear from her and to know that my thank you note sent out to the ether was received.


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