I love my group…

1. Today in one of my classes, as they students were packing up to go, I heard a student say to her group members: “I love my group.” I melted.

2. In that same class, I handed back tests. And one kid who didn’t do so well didn’t quite know how to take it. His groupmate saw that, and turned to him, and said “It’s not a sprint, but a marathon.” I thought it was insanely sweet — and also very mature. (I sent an email to the kid who said that, letting him know I heard and that I appreciated not only the sentiment, but the kind gesture to his groupmate.)

3. In multivariable calculus, we had our first book club. For a long story short, our class was cut from 30 minutes to a little over 20 minutes. And of the eight kids in the class, three were out sick and one was on a college visit. So I was skeptical about how the class would go. But the kids were really getting into the book (Flatland by Abbott). And that got me energized. LOVE IT!

4. A few weeks ago, I went to sit for my portrait to be “quick sketched” by a visual art class. It was their very first quick sketch. I was walking in the halls today and saw these two gems posted:


5. The kale salad at lunch today was wicked good. Like insanely good.


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