At the door

One of my first hour students told me today that I’ve been slacking and haven’t been greeting them at the door the last two days. “And I always like to talk to you and I keep thinking, ‘Oh no, maybe we have a sub today.'”

Two funny things about this:

  1. Apparently me saying hi constitutes as us talking. 
  2. I told the kid I very rarely miss school. Lo and behold, Jonas has pink eye…guess who won’t be at school tomorrow. Oops… 😬

But in all honesty, I love that he called me out on this. I do love greeting my kids at the door, and it’s really nice to know that they like it, too. It’s something I avoided for years because it’s so…people-y. (I’m an introvert who teaches at school with 3400 kids in it Grades 10-12. Karma or something, I guess.) 

But I’m glad to have branched out. And I’m glad they like to see me at the door, too. 


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