The Last Brownie

I have a student in two different classes whom I have to redirect multiple times. In the morning class, we had a two hour class today and they were working on a project. I fully expected him to lose focus and get distracting, and I was ready to send him out after one warning. (I’ve never sent a student to the office.) Instead, he focused and worked hard and kept his voice down. In the afternoon class, dispersing students so that they sit alone improved things.


I handed back tests in several classes today. Lots of students were shocked by their grades – way higher than they expected.  It was nice to point out to them that they know more than they think they do.

One student took the test late, and I graded hers after school today. She and a group of her friends hang out right outside my classroom after school; when I was done grading, I called her in and gave her her test. She said, “Ok, honestly, I don’t know how to do the last problem at all.”

“Ok, well, let’s talk about it,” I told her. We took three minutes and walked through how to solve it (we were modeling data with a trig equation, so it wasn’t that hard – just had to put the pieces together for her).

“Oh, ok! I get it now! Thanks!” she told me, then walked outside. 30 seconds later I heard her tell her friends, “Ok, she explained it to me, and now it makes so much sense!” That’s three minutes well spent.


We had quiz bowl practice today for the first time in several weeks, and the kids who are normally quiet were willing to hit the buzzer and try.


My Calc II student looked over her test when I handed it back. “Oh, yeah, this one!” she said. “This one was fun!” There’s nothing so nice as hearing a student say a test problem was fun.


Today was a rough day. (Thus, lots of good things – need to make myself find the good.) At the end of it, I found myself saying, “I need a nap. Or a cookie.” What I really wanted to do was call my mom, but she’s on vacation in a national park and doesn’t have cell phone reception. And there are no cookies in the house.

A couple of weeks ago, though, we made brownies. The last brownie has been hanging out in the fridge, waiting for a time when I really wanted it. I didn’t have a cookie when I got home, but I did get a brownie and milk, which is just as good.



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