Calculus kids do not disappoint 

Well, I had to take my first unplanned absence yesterday because of a sweet little baby boy (I’ve been told there are many more to come).  I’m here to announce that my classes can actually manage just fine without me. This control freak does not like to relinquish control–and certainly not to a stranger–but sometimes that has to happen. And, as it turns out, school continues on in Room 2704. 

When I entered my classroom today, there were notes on the whiteboard from my first hour calculus class to help the other calc kids throughout the day. Yesterday, I received a flood of texts from first hour through Remind. I finally just told them where my solutions were to that day’s worksheet. I asked them to post the solutions for everyone to see and take a picture of. This helped decrease the amount of texts from the following classes. 

Walking in and seeing those notes from first hour reminded me that my kids were working even in my absence. And that was a good start to my day. 


My students had an AP Set due yesterday, which got pushed to today. This FRQ was very calculator-involved, and so I told them that if they got called on to present, they would need to walk the class through all the calculator commands using the SMART Board TI-84. 

I knew that this was pushing them out of their comfort zones. I feared blank stares, to be honest. 

But these calculus superstars did exactly what I knew they could. With the exception of a couple kids who will need to make up the assignment on their own time, they walked up to that ginormous calculator and explained exactly what to calculate, how to calculate it, and why. 

It makes me so happy watching teenagers  blossom in their knowledge of mathematics. 


We studied L’Hopital’s Rule today in calc. My kids gasped in amazement when I showed them how easily it can be applied to find certain limits. One kid said, “Man, I love this L’Hopital guy!” 

Me too, kid. Me too. 


One of my former calc students was sitting in my room when I came back from lunch. It does my heart so good to see these lovely souls back in our halls, knowing that they are growing and learning and getting ready to change their own worlds. I love when they come back and update me, and I get a glimpse into their new chapters. It makes me want to be the kind of teacher that everyone wants to come back for. 


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