Letters to our Soldiers…

On Friday my students were asked to write a letter of thanks to a soldier, to be delivered on thanksgiving. 

“How do we address it?” What do we say?”

Some decided to address it to Dear Serviceman, or Servicewoman. Many just addressed their letter to Dear Soldier.

What to say was harder. For some, a simple, Thank you for your service and sacrificing time with your family,” was all they said.

Others, after thinking about how they would feel, away from their families, not able to come home for new babies, family birthdays or weddings, or sometimes not able to be home for funerals…. well, those students wrote letters! Heartfelt thanks, wishes that things could be different, thoughts of home, and sacrifice, and acknowledging that their ability to sit in school and get an education was due to the sacrifice of a soldier. And, ultimately, lots of written thankyous for the people who are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice – life – to protect and serve their country. 

Friday, I was also thankful, because I got to watch an incredible group of children become a little more thoughtful, a little more giving, a little less focused on themselves. And that’s One Good Thing!

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