Calculus has their final quiz of the quarter tomorrow. Today was a review day. As I was walking around and answering questions during first hour, I sensed a lot of stress. 

“If I stayed in my room during lunch, would some of you be interested in doing a lunch study session?”

This was met by a resounding “Yes,” so I sent an announcement to my other two classes that they could join me for lunch also. 

Come lunch, my room was just about filled. I think I worked all but maybe two problems on their study guide with them. 

My kids were tense today. There were tears of stress. From more than one kid. 

In turn, I was tense today. I didn’t get a chance to use the restroom or to eat lunch. 

But that’s what we do as teachers. I don’t know a single teacher who won’t bend over backwards for her kids the moment they say, “We need your help and we will do the work to get to where we need to be.” That’s it. We’ll drop it all for the kids who work hard. 

I’m thankful for kids who cry over math, who come work on calculus during lunch, and who desire to do well in all they do. 

It’s doing to be a long week for me and for them. 

But, ya’ll–Fall Break is just around the corner!


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