A Grid of Triangles

I ended today by having one of my classes see the math-art gallery. And then when the clock struck 3:20pm, school was over. A former student (who I taught Geometry to last year, who is now studying Algebra II) came up to see me in the gallery. Why? He had a problem he invented.

He drew a meticulous grid of squares with triangles in them, that look liked this:

His question that he wants to solve? How many triangles are in this?

Why I love this? He came up with the question on his own (possibly while doodling). And he wants to solve it! That’s the type of playful curiosity that I love!

So him coming up with the question (and sharing it with me) is my one good thing. If he follows through on solving it… now if that happens, that will be another day’s one good thing.


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