Dynamic Duo

This is homecoming week. Every day has a theme, and you’re supposed to dress up according to that theme. Monday was Tacky Tourist day – fairly tame. Lots of Hawaiian shirts, leis, fishing hats, etc. Yesterday was Sports Team day – also tame. Today was Dynamic Duo day. You had to find a partner and dress up like a Dynamic Duo. This led to several good things:

  • The kids went all out. There were some really fun costumes (like salt and pepper, Eeyore and Kanga), and a surprising number of onesies. 17 year old boys in onesies are very entertaining.
  • The kids were as focused as they would have been without the costumes. Which is not to say that they were focused, but it didn’t make things worse.
  • I got to dress up like Frodo Baggins, complete with sword and cloak. Nothing quite like wearing a sword to school. (It was zip-tied shut, so not a threat.


Reviewed for a calc test today on the relationships between f, f’, and f”. A student said, “I still feel like I don’t really know what a tangent line is.” This student really struggled at the beginning of the year, but he’s ready to learn now and is starting to put the pieces together. We walked through it. I’m not sure he’s all the way there yet, but he made as big a step forward today as he was ready for.


One of the things that’s fun about teaching in private school is that I get to open up about my beliefs and points of view. For government class, the students are all taking a poll on which political candidate they most align with (isidewith.com, I think), and because so many of them are 18, they’re really into it. During the review today, they occasionally got off into political discussions. I got to hear their points of view, which was fun, but I think I also got to encourage good discussion habits. At one point, they were talking about equal pay and the wage gap and whether or not it’s real, and I let them go on for a while. But at a certain point, I stepped in and said, “Ok, so you’ve shared your opinions, but at this point you need more data to support your viewpoint. You don’t have that, so let’s get back to Calculus.” Maybe not a big thing, but for a group that struggles with having productive disagreement, it was something.


I got to take a nap when I got home.


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